Prices & Policies

We want the best for your teeth. That's why we have put together some information about your visit to our surgery.

Private fees

Private treatment


New Consultation

£45 for 30 min consultation (inc.2 x-rays)

Patient examination

X- rays

£35     child under 16 £15




Air-Flow add on with Hygiene

(Introductory price)

£51 30 min

£102 60 min


Please note that the following prices are from the amounts stated:

Silver filling

£50 (small) £70(medium) & £90 (large)

Glass Ionomer filling

£45 (small) £60 (medium) & £70 (large)

White filling

£70 (small) £95 (medium) & £120 (large)

Fissure Sealants

£40 per tooth

Root canal treatment


£200 incisor/canine

£275 Premolar

£375 Molar


£400 porcelain bonded to metal

from £450 Emax/ Zirconia


£550 per veneer


from £400 per unit


£1,000 full  upper and lower (resin)

£500 full upper or lower (resin)

£400 partial upper or lower (resin)

£1,000 full upper or lower (metal base)

£900 partial upper or lower (metal base)

Cosmetic orthodontics


Removable retainer

from £3,000 upper and lower arch

from £1,600 single arch

£100 per arch

Tooth whitening


Tooth whitening gel

£295  upper and lower arch

£200 single arch

£15 per syringe


£85 non-surgical

£130 surgical

Private emergency treatment

£45 for 15 minutes

Missed appointment

£30 for 15 minutes (hygienist £35 per 30 mins)

Addition to denture

Repair to denture

Re-line denture

£55 per tooth



Nightguard/ Sportsguard

£120 adult  £80 child


Other treatments are available other than those shown.  Please ask our friendly receptionist for more information.

NHS fees

You may supplement your NHS services with private ones, such as premium treatment listed above. Please ask reception or our dentists for further information.

Band 1


Including examination, assessment and diagnoses, advice, radiographic, preventative care such as fluoride varnish, scale and polish and oral health advice. Urgent treatments where a patient is in pain, has infection, oral bleeding or has damaged teeth or gums.

Band 2


Including all of those listed in Band 1 and additional treatments such as periodontal treatment, extractions, sealant restorations, root canal treatment or fillings.

Band 3


Treatments including all of those listed in Band 1 and 2 and also crowns, veneers, appliances, dentures or bridges.


Prices are set by the NHS for all NHS treatment. Some patients are entitled to exemptions, meaning that you do not need to pay for NHS treatment. You should always provide proof of exemption when requested. Please ask reception for more details.

Under the NHS system introduced by the Government on 1st April 2006, any patients failing to attend or cancelling 3 appointments with less than 24 hours notice, or not settling their account on time may not be offered further appointments.

This also applies to any patient who has not attended the surgery in the past 24 months.


Please note that patients who fail to attend their initial appointment (registration/examination appointment) may not be re-booked.


We accept all major credit cards (except American Express).

Please note that from the 1st April 2014 cheques will not be accepted for payment.

Appointment cancellations

If you are unable to attend your appointment, please notify the practice either by telephone or email as soon as possible so that your appointment can be allocated to someone else. 24 hour notice of your cancellation would be appreciated.

Failure to attend

We understand that circumstances arise that may prevent you attending your appointment and informing us. Our practice policy in relation to failure to attend appointments allows for 3 missed appointments. We will be unable to see patients who fail to attend 4 of their appointments.

Your rights as a patient

We will treat all of our patients equally, with dignity and respect. We will provide to our patients, during opening hours, all proper and necessary dental care and treatment which includes mandatory services and urgent treatment. The care provided will be any that our dental practitioners undertake and that which the patient is willing to undergo. All patients are entitled to a written treatment plan and treatment will be that, that is clinically necessary and in the patient’s best interests. Patients in need of referral will be referred to appropriate services.

Confidentiality & patient records

Our practice operates a confidentiality policy. A copy of our confidentiality policy is available on request. All patient information is recorded and stored securely. Only designated members of our dental team and the PCT have access to your records. A court order can be issued if the police or social services are required to see your private information. NHS Business Services Authority and NHS Counter Fraud department may also have access to patient information.

All patients have access rights to their personal information under the Data Protection Act. To obtain copies of your information that the practice holds, please contact the practice in writing. You may wish to view your original documents or photocopies can be taken, please speak to a member of the team for further information.

Violent and verbally abusive patients

We expect a safe environment for both our patients and staff members. Where a patient has committed an act of violence or behaved in such a way that any person has feared for their safety, we will report the incident to the police and notify the PCO that we will no longer provide services to that patient.

Patients who refuse to pay dental charges

We may refuse to begin treatment or cease existing treatment if a patient refuses to pay the appropriate charge.

Any further questions?

Call us on 020 8693 4001 or contact us directly using the contact form.

Journey Planner

To make an appointment please telephone us on

020 8693 4001

You can also drop in to make an appointment



We are open

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The Gardens Dental Centre

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For out-of-hours emergencies, please contact the NHS Helpline on 111 available Mon-Fri 6pm-8am and 24hrs a day weekends and Bank Holidays




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