Hygienist services at The Gardens

Why see a dental hygienist?

At THE GARDENS DENTAL CENTRE we are committed to prevention of dental disease. Regular treatment with the dental hygienist goes a long way to achieving this aim, whilst keeping your mouth feeling and looking healthy, comfortable and your breath fresh.

What does a visit to the hygienist do for you?

  • You will be shown how to fine tune your oral hygiene technique to prevent bad habits from creeping in
  • Your technique will be checked to make sure it is as effective as possible (it takes just as long to clean your teeth badly as it does to clean them well)
  • Your teeth will be thoroughly and deeply cleaned to remove all deposits of scale, plaque and stain
  • Your teeth will be polished to ensure that they both look and feel fantastic
  • Your teeth and gums will be screened for early signs of gum disease or tooth decay

So what do you gain by regularly attending the hygienist?

You gain the feeling of truly, clean, healthy teeth, the confidence that my breath is fresh and the knowledge that over your lifetime the amount of active treatment you will require will be much reduced.

Call The Gardens Dental Centre on 020 8693 4001 to book your appointment with our dental hygienist.


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